Gypsy Sound - Supervising Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Effects Editor (Oct 2014 - Present)
Team One - Sound Designer, Editor and Mixer (2016 - Present)
King Soundworks - Post Production Assistant (March 2014 - August 2014)
Icemen Audio - Freelance Sound Editor and Boom Operator (2013 - 2016)
Post Up Sound - Supervising Sound Editor/Owner (2012-Present)
Paramount Recording Studios - Intern/Runner (2012)
Tangerine Studios - Engineer, Drum Editor (2011)


Standing Up, Falling Down - (Supervising Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer; 2018)
The Mandela Effect - (Sound Effects Editor; 2018)
And Then There Was Eve - (Supervising Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer; 2017) [LA Muse Fiction Award - LAFF]
A Thousand Junkies - (Supervising Sound Editor, Mixer; 2017) [Tribeca Film Fest]
All The Creatures Were Stirring - (Sound Designer; 2017)
Punching Henry - (Supervising Sound Editor; 2016) [SXSW premier]
Band of Robbers - (Sound Editor, Foley Recordist; 2015) [LA Film Festival premier]
Hunt for the Wilderpeople - (ADR Mixer; 2015) [Sundance]
Driving While Black - (Sound Editor, Foley Supervisor; 2015) [Audience Award Narr. Feature - New Orleans Film Fest; Best Comedy - San Francisco Black Film Fest]
Anarchy Parlor - (Assistant Sound Editor; 2015)
Supercollider - (Sound Editor; 2013)
Unidentified - (Sound Editor; 2013)
Retreat - (Sound Editor, Designer and Re-Recording Mixer; 2013)


Sherman's Showcase [IFC] - (Supervising Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer
You're The Worst [FX] - (Sound Effects Editor, ADR Mixer)
Chef's Table [Netflix] - (Sound Effects Editor) [Nominated for MPSE Golden Reel Award]
Street Food [Netflix] - (Sound Effects Editor)
Seven Days Out [Netflix] - (Sound Effects Editor)
Action [Showtime] - (Supervising Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer; 1 episode)
Larry Charles Dangerous World Of Comedy [Netflix] - (Dialogue and Sound Effects Editor)
Stan Against Evil [IFC] - (Sound Editor)
Remember The Name (doc series) [RedBull TV] - (Sound Editor and Mixer)
HBO PPV Pre Fight Docs [HBO] - (Sound Editor and Mixer)
This and Nothing Else (doc series) [RedBull TV] - (Sound Editor and Mixer)
911 Encounters [Animal Planet] - (Sound Designer; 2016)
Making History (ADR Mixer, pilot; 2017)
OMFG (pilot) [TruTV / SuperCreative] - (Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer; 2016)
Peaking (doc series) [RedBull TV] - (Sound Editor and Mixer)
Rampage Returns [Spike TV] - (Sound Designer, Dialogue Editor; 2016)
It Got Better [Mini Series] - (Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer; 2016)
Independencia: Canelo vs. Smith [HBO] - (Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer; 2016)
Countdown to Canelo Khan: Power Vs Speed [HBO] - (Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer; 2016)
Shamrock/Gracie/Kimbo/Dada [Spike TV] - (Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer; 2016)
Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life [Fox; Ep. 105 & 106] (Sound Editor and Mixer; 2015)
Cocked [Amazon Studios; Pilot] (Sound Editor; 2015)
Unnamed Andy Berman Project [FOX; Pilot] (Sound Editor and Mixer; 2015)
Extant [CBS; Season 1] (Assistant Sound Editor [uncredited]; 2014)
About A Boy [NBC; Season 1] (Assistant Sound Editor [uncredited]; 2014)
The Last Ship [TNT; Season 1] (Assistant Sound Editor [uncredited]; 2014)
Black Box [ABC; Mini Series] (Assistant Sound Editor [uncredited]; 2014)


Hollywood Shorties - Feature Documentary (Supervising Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer; 2016) [SXSW premier]
Banking on Bitcoin - Feature Documentary (Sound Designer; 2016)
Most Likely to Succeed - Feature Documentary (Sound Editor; 2015) [Sundance premier]
Bell Ringer - Feature Documentary (Sound Effects Editor; 2015)
The Sculptor of Damascus - Short Documentary (Sound Editor and Mixer; 2016)
El Pugil - Short Documentary (Sound Editor; 2016) [Tribeca Film Fest]
The Ken Burns Effect - Short Documentary (VO Mixer; 2015)
Circle The Wagen - Feature Documentary (Sound Editor; 2013) [Best Documentary Feature - DFFLA; Guerrilla Award - AFME; The Croc Award - Columbia Gorge]


(This section is not complete + has not been edited since 2017)
In Focus [Series] (RED Digital Cinema) (Sound Designer, Mixer; 2017)
M83 A.I. Directed Music Video BTS (Saatchi and Saatchi | Team One) (Sound Editor and Mixer; 2016)
RYOT - Virtual Reality Content / Documentaries (Sound Editor and Mixer; 2015-Present)
Grandma's Cat's are trying to Kill Her - Animated Web Series (VO Mixer; 2016)
Red Bull: "Kelly McGeary | Body of Work" - Web Series (Sound Designer and Mixer; 2015)
Red Bull: "Jamie O'Brien | Body of Work" - Web Series (Sound Designer; 2015
That Moment When - Interactive Short (Sound Ediotr;2016)
Drinking and Driving VR PSA [Google/NHSTA] - (ADR Mixer; 2016)
Rosanna Pansino "Perfect Together" - Music Video/Short (sound editor, mixer)
Young Story Tellers: “The Biggest Show” - (Sound Editor and Mixer; 2015)
5 Gyres “Be Change” - (Sound Editor and Mixer; 2015)
Your Mom is a Podcast - (Sound Editor; 2015)
Real Housewives of Horror - Nerdist Web Series (Sound Editor, Designer and Mixer; 2014)
CollegeHumor Halo Tournament - Comedy Sketch (Boom Operator; 2014)
Assistants - Web Series Pilot (Boom Op and Sound Mixer, Sound Editor, Mixer; 2014)
Deep Tissues - Podcast (Sound Editor and Mixer; 2014)


(This section is not complete + has not been edited since 2017)
Margaret and the Moon (Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer; 2017) [Sedona Film Fest]
American Airness (Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer; 2017) [Nowness]
Killer Black (Sound Editor, Designer; 2017)
Serial Dater (Re-Recording Mixer; 2017)
Archangel (Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer; 2015)
You Can Never Really Know Someone (Sound Editor, Foley Supervisor; 2016) [Jash]
Ordinary Dream (Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer; 2016) [AFI]
Nobodies (Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer; 2016)
Gracenote (Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer; 2016)
North VR (Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer; 2016)
Connected (Sound Mixer, Boom Op; 2015)
End of the Road (Sound Editor, Designer and Re-Recording Mixer; 2015)
Mildred & The Dying Parlor (Foley Supervisor, Sound Editor; 2015) [Tribeca Film Fest]
Bluebird (Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer; 2016)
The Black Dog (SFX Editor and Foley Supervisor; 2015) [AFI]
Time Pals (Dialogue Editor and Re-Recording Mixer; 2015)
Grace (Sound Editor and Mixer; 2015) [AFI]
Miles (Assistant Sound Editor; 2015)
Refuge (Boom Op, Sound Mixer; 2015)
Oeuf Noir (Sound Editor and Mixer; 2015)
Skids (Diaglogue Editor; 2015)
Fractured Shells (Dialogue Editor; 2015)
It’s Just Cupcakes (Sound Editor and Mixer; 2015)
Capoeira (Sound Designer and Mixer; 2015)
Christopher Columbus Saves the World (Sound Editor, Designer, Re Recording Mixer; 2014)
The Resurrectionist (Boom Operator; 2014)
Jesus of Sex (Sound Editor, Designer and Mixer; 2014)
The Lima Affair (Sound Editor and Mixer; 2014)
Slasher (Boom Op and Sound Mixer, Sound Editor, Designer and Mixer; 2014)
Hollywood & Hammer (Sound Editor, Designer and Mixer; 2012) [Best Comedy - Phoenix Comicon; Best Fantasy Film - Vegas Film Fest]
The Friendly Visitor (Composer; 2012)


Partial Client List:
Bad Robot, Lexus, Facebook, YouTube, Expedia, Discovery Networks, Paramount Pictures, Beats by Dre, HBO, Supercell, LittleBits, Gold Peak Tea, Indian Motorcycles, Epson, TLC, TBS, LG, Red Bull, etc.