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Hello there! My name is Nikola Simikic, I’m a sound editor and designer based out of Los Angeles, and this website exists as my personal portfolio. I mostly work out of Gypsy Sound in Silver Lake as a supervising sound editor, re-recording mixer and sound effects editor. I’ve been at this for eight years now, and this website hosts a very small collection of the projects I’ve been apart of, but hopefully enough for you to get to know me. Please check out for more!

"Nikola Simikic has an unparalleled dedication to the perfection of his craft. His technical input and level of creativity in regards to storytelling through sound make him a unique force in the industry. His likable laid back demeanor made our first project with him a most joyful experience and guaranteed many more to come!"

- Blaine Moir' and J. Spencer of Unmanned Media, inc.